Our full educational program for Tivilo is now available!

Here at Tivilo we are excited to announce that our second part of the introduction to Tivilo about the large screen solution now is available at our “Education” site. You can find our Educations site here.

This means that our customers now have a complete udecational program for Tivilo where the instructors and teachers now can be educated in how to use Tivilo fra A-Z anno 2021.

As Tivilo develops further we will continually add new sections to the exsisting videoes or add new videoes altogether in the future such that our educational program will stay updated with the status of the Tivilo system.

If you have any prise of criticism for our educational program you can send it to:
[email protected]

We hope that you will appreciate our new educational program and we look forward to contribute to the education of better drivers in the future.