We offer various package solutions so that you can find a solution that fits your budget.

// Rental solution //

Rent hardware for Tivilo from us with no startup costs.

Annual price

The surveillance package
30 DKK per student*

The surveillance and exercise package
35 DKK per student*

CANbus integration
Additional price of 15 DKK per student**

* We base our pricing calculations on last year’s number of students.

** CANbus integration can be added to both package solutions.

Read more about our package solutions at the bottom of the page.

Hardware prices

Vehicle unit (Phone)

Vehicle unit (Tablet)

Instructor unit / Observer unit (Phone)

Large-screen solution

Startup costs

Setup and configuration


Installation of vehicle unit
0 DKK per unit.

Installation of instructor unit / Observer unit
0 DKK per unit.

Installation or large-screen solution
0 DKK per solution.

Other expenses

Customers are responsible for purchasing SIM cards for vehicle and instructor units.

  • The system is upgraded with new functionalities 1-2 times a year at no additional cost.

  • Support via email, telephone, and on-site at no additional cost.

  • We adjust your configuration of Tivilo at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited number of courses, exercises, speed measurements, etc.

The fine print

  • We invoice for a minimum of 3,000 students per year when calculating the annual price.

  • The rental agreement has a binding period of 3 years.

Pricing example

Here you can see how we calculate the price, making it easier for you to estimate the price for your facility.

In this example, we have based our calculations on a facility with 4,500 students per year, requiring 14 vehicle units, 3 instructor units, and 2 large-screen solutions where the customer wishes to have our monitoring and exercise package.

1 x Setup and configuration


14 x Vehicle units (Tablets)

3 x Instructor units (Phone)

2 x Large-screen solution


14 x Installation of vehicle unit

3 x Installation of instructor unit

2 x Installation or large-screen solution

In total

Annual price

4.500 students x 35 DKK
157.500 DKK

If the customer also wants CANbus integration in addition, the annual price is calculated as follows:

4.500 students x (35 DKK + 15 DKK)
225.000 DKK

Package solutions

With Tivilo, you have the option to choose between two different package solutions that impact the annual price for Tivilo. Here is a comparison of the two package solutions to help you choose the right solution for your needs:

The surveillance

With the surveillance package, you gain access to all of Tivilo’s monitoring functionalities but do not have the option to display exercise materials for students inside the vehicles.

The instructor has fewer functionalities to learn but still needs to spend time explaining the exercises to the students.

The surveillance and exercise package

With the monitoring and exercise package, you receive all the functionalities of the surveillance package, including our exercise module. This allows your instructors to display exercise material, either as images or videos, to the students inside the vehicles.

The exercise material supports the students’ learning process, enabling them to perform the exercises correctly and more efficiently.

The instructor spends less time on explaining the exercises, allowing him or her to focus on other important tasks.

Here you can see a demo of exercises in Tivilo, which you’ll get with the exercise module in Tivilo:

Additional services

  • Development of new teaching material compatible with Tivilo

  • Customization of our standard package for exercises

  • Development of customer-specific functionalities

900 DKK per hour*

* We estimate the time consumption per project and calculate the total price accordingly before the project commences.

If you have any questions regarding our prices, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.