Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske anlæg reviews Tivilo

Here at Tivilo we appreciate all the feedback we can get from our customers. Therefore we were delighted to recieve the following review of Tivilo from Michael Nielsen who is Chief Execute Officer at Storkøbenhavns køretekniske anlæg.

Michael Nielsen,
Cheif Executive Officer

Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske Anlæg A/S

At Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske Anlæg we have worked with digitizing different parts of our company as part of the “Digitaliseringboost” project under “Erhvervshusenes” EU supported digitization projects. As part of this project we became aware of Tivilo. We saw an opportunity for a digital system that could support our driving education of our students but also improve the road safety at our facilities.

We chose from the beginning to implement the system both at our wet and dry track while also implementing their large-screen solution at the same time. Today we utilize smaller video sequences recorded at our facilities such that we have a common thread from the driving school course preparation to the driving lessons out on our facilities.

At the moment we have differrent versions of speaks and videoes adapted to both danish and english.

The staff at Tivilo have throughout the whole process been quick to adjust the system such that it today appears robust and reliable and we recieve good feedback from our driving students. Our instructors has welcomed the system and Tivilo has produced a series of educational videoes that makes it simple and easy for our instructor to keep themselves up-to-date. 

Thanks for the review and for the great teamwork. We look forward to further assist you in your daily work with educating new drivers.

Our full educational program for Tivilo is now available!

Here at Tivilo we are excited to announce that our second part of the introduction to Tivilo about the large screen solution now is available at our “Education” site. You can find our Educations site here.

This means that our customers now have a complete udecational program for Tivilo where the instructors and teachers now can be educated in how to use Tivilo fra A-Z anno 2021.

As Tivilo develops further we will continually add new sections to the exsisting videoes or add new videoes altogether in the future such that our educational program will stay updated with the status of the Tivilo system.

If you have any prise of criticism for our educational program you can send it to:
[email protected]

We hope that you will appreciate our new educational program and we look forward to contribute to the education of better drivers in the future.

Update for Tivilo after the reopening of Denmark April 6 2021

It has been announced that the Road Safety Centers in Denmark can begin to reopen their education for the B-licence April 6 2021.

Here at Tivilo we have used the time while society have been shut down under the corona pandemic to further develop the Tivilo system and it is our pleasure to present you with a bunch of new functionalities, such as a new “automatic-close” function for playing maneuvers, a “Student is watching maneuver”-indicator and a display for showing current training teams on our large-screen solution.

In the video below we go into detail on each of the new functionalities such that you are up-to-date with Tivilo after the reopening.

** Be aware that the video is in danish and currently dont have a english translation. **

Thanks to for the music in this video: 

The new functionalities will be available for Tivilo the next time we visit for a upgrade of the Tivilo system after the reopening April 6 2021.

We hope that you all will have a successfull reopening and here at Tivilo we will cross our fingers that all the Road Safety Center can remain open permanently.

Welcome to!

Now its official, Tivilo has a website!

Tivilo is growing, and today we are glad to present our new website.

On our website visitors can find articles about the latest Tivilo related news, our contact information, our vision and last but not least our support site, where our customers have the opportunity to find answers and solutions for most of the challenges in using Tivilo.

The team here at Tivilo hopes that you all will appreciate the information you can find on our website and look forward to help our customers educate better drivers at the Road Safety Centers with the technology of the future.