The IT system designed for Road Safety Centers

Benefits of Tivilo:

Canbus integration

With Tivilo, your instructors and staff have the opportunity to view live data directly from the vehicles. Tivilo provides access to monitor fuel levels, the 12V battery, how students operate the vehicles, and much more. This allows instructors to better assess student performance, and your mechanics can quickly and efficiently service your vehicles.

Increased security

Tivilo contributes to the safety of the facility through speed restrictions that keep the students’ speed down on the return routes while also providing access to an emergency brake function. In this way, the instructor, through the Tivilo system, can stop the vehicles and prevent accidents.

Better education

With Tivilo you can play clips from educational videos from multiple courses in the vehicles to help facilitate better learning for the students.

Better overview of the Road Safety Centre

Tivilo provides you with information about the vehicles and the students’ performance in real time such that you are up-to-date with what is happening at the facility.

Teaching in multiple languages

With Tivilo you can teach students in multiple languages at the same time or lend an interpreter a helping hand in the vehicle.


With Tivilo there is no need for expensive radars at the facility. In Tivilo, you can set up customizable and movable speed zones with no extra cost. Tivilo also has a lot of options for customization at each Road Safety Centre.

What our customers say

Michael Nielsen,
Cheif Executive Officer

Storkøbenhavns Køretekniske Anlæg A/S

“The staff at Tivilo have throughout the whole process been quick to adjust the system such that it today appears robust and reliable and we receive good feedback from our driving students. Our instructors have welcomed the system and Tivilo has produced a series of educational videos that make it simple and easy for our instructors to keep themselves up-to-date. “

Read the full review here.

Tivilo in the vehicles

The Tivilo device in the vehicles ensures that students do not drive too fast on the return routes and displays instructional videos to students when they are in a waiting position. The device can be set up to communicate directly with the vehicle, enabling emergency braking in case there is a danger of collision. Simultaneously, the device collects relevant information about the student’s driving, such as speed, position, etc., allowing the instructor to continuously monitor the student’s performance.

Tivilo for the instructors

With the instructor unit, the instructor receives a helping hand in maintaining an overview of all their students and their performances. The instructor can utilize an emergency brake function if canbus integration is installed to stop the vehicles if there is a danger of collision. The instructor can also initiate exercises with individualized instructions for each vehicle, displayed to students when they are in a waiting position. The instructor unit also receives notifications if any of the students are driving too fast on the return routes, ensuring that the instructor is promptly informed.

Watch the facility from a bird’s eye view

Our large-screen solution for Tivilo provides you with a bird’s eye view of the whole facility and of all the vehicles, including relevant information. The table to the left shows all the current data about vehicles, current sessions, which exercises are being performed at the moment and much more. On the map to the right you can find the position of all currently active vehicles, so that you know where they are even when you can’t physically see them.

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